Our Partners

It takes a village to change the way people consume and we're happy to have the support of these beautiful people & organizations along the journey. 


Cecelia & Cat, SLT

Founded in Tokyo in 2019 by Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro, Sustainable Living Tokyo is an initiative created to support transitions to happier and more environmentally conscious lifestyles in Japan. 

Cecilia is a Ph.D. graduate in Sustainability Science from The University of Tokyo. She holds a double Bachelors in Natural sciences and Biology and a Master's degree in International Forestry. She has conducted research on marine conservation, social forestry, and indigenous communities. Currently, her research focuses on environmental psychology in the context of the adoption of sustainable lifestyles. 

She is joined by Cat, who is an Undergraduate Art student & Freelance Graphic Designer. Born and raised in Vietnam, Cat moved to Japan in 2010. Incidentally, she was one of the first swappers at Swap Stories - believing in and supporting the movement in its earliest days. She is hoping to spread the message of sustainability through her art. 

Swap events with SLT

 Pictured above: Some of our in-person and online swap events with Sustainable Living Tokyo, most at the cozy venue Atelier-Haco



In the Loop - Swap Stories

We're thrilled to be a part of In the Loop, the circularity-driven popup community hosted by FabCafe in partnership with Ekolokal

In the Loop is a place for creatives, startups, and companies from around the world to try out new things and make connections around a shared consciousness and passion for circular design and sustainability-driven ideas, products and services.

It aims to increase meaningful collaboration, experiment boldly with new materials, methods, and ideas, and engage deeply with local and global sustainability-inspired creatives, startups, and companies.

As a 'Discover Old' collaborator, Swap Stories organizes swap shops at these events.