Japan's Own Clothing Swap Community

Easily exchange items with others like you. Be an eco conscious consumer today.

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Enjoy a clutter-free home

Clean up your home by giving away clothes and collectibles you no longer use. As Marie Kondo says, keep only what "sparks joy" for you.

The easiest way to give away stuff

Simply upload images of your items and receive a prepaid shipping kit. No pressure of finding a buyer, coordinating with them, filling forms in Japanese, etc.

The cheapest way to refresh your closet

Get a whole set of fashion treasures for free using Swap Points or buy them at a low cost on our site. Celebrate each season with a new look.

Share stories with others like you

Experience the kindness of our community in Japan. Items you give away will be loved by another person, and what you receive is shared with love by someone else. If you're lucky they might even send you a note.

Embrace a zero waste lifestyle

There is no sustainable recycling system for discarded clothes in Japan. 90% of it is burnt as combustible waste. Thrifting helps, but secondhand stores also generate waste. With our just-in-time system, we attempt to minimize waste.

Together, we already have every *thing* we need.

Just imagine what we can do.

Swap Stories is a very meaningful activity. I want my future children to experience this kind of activity to let them know the importance of things. Instead of throwing out things you no longer need, you can pass it on to someone who will value it.

@veganicejp, Vegan in Japan

It is not only an amazing opportunity to give a new life to my clothes but also to socialise with people who also care about the impact of their fashion items. Seeing someone picking one of my items to give it a new life is so fulfilling.

@be_greenspired, Vegan food lover

When I heard about Swap Stories I was so excited, back home I used to swap clothes with my friends and really missed doing that in Tokyo. If you are looking for a sustainable fashion solution that doesn't break the bank, you must join the swaps! Everyone is so nice and you can find foreigner friendly sizes.

@nipponviajero, Mexican culinary instructor in Japan

I love the community that Swap Stories creates, it's the best way to shop, meet friends and save the planet all in one!

@zcott_, Minimalist & Thrifter, BSc Energy & Environmental Physics

Meeting the members of Swap Stories has been a remarkable experience. Not only because I got pre-loved clothes that I often wear, but because of the opportunity to learn from their examples and to continue my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Swap Stories gave me the chance to connect with like minded people and make new friends. All while engaging in fashion in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

@sasuga_marii, Aussie living in Tokyo